“Your Feelings Aren’t Facts!” Tim Graham Crushes Emotional CNN Reporter-VIDEO


Media Research Center’s Tim Graham bashed CNN’s supposed use of ‘facts.’ The conversation started as a critique of Sean Hannity’s failure to mention his relationship with Michael Cohen. Graham explained why these criticisms of Hannity are not as valid as liberals think they are.

“It’s obnoxious. S.E. Cupp is speaking as a host on CNN. She’s on Team CNN. This is, again, people have all these really negative feelings about Trump and then they say they are facts. Your feelings aren’t facts!” said Graham.

“And CNN being upset on a daily basis about Trump and doing 77 stories or 77 mentions this week about prostitutes and urination, that’s not news. That’s a bunch of people who are very upset about the current state of political affairs,” explained Graham.

“There is a certain kind of team play going on here. There is Team Fox over here, which maybe we could be seen as apart of. There is team CNN over here. S.E. Cupp is on Team CNN. So, I hope the New York Daily News disclosed that. We have a disclosure problem,” said Graham.

“The same people who are upset about Sean Hannity’s disclosure don’t care if Chuck Todd’s wife gets two million dollars from the Bernie Sanders campaign. He does like 17 interviews with Bernie Sanders and never mentions it because his wife has nothing to do with the money coming in to his house,” he explained.

Check out the video below.