White House Press Secretary Sarah Sanders Outs The Truth-Here’s Who Really Conspired With The Russians

Ever since Donald Trump entered into his presidency he has run down with different media attacks trying to weaken and damage his appointment that he was in some way conspiring with Russia, and that was in fact Russia who helped him to win his election. A whole has passed and none of the investigations, the searches that are still under way have anything to show for it-no evidence without a shadow of a doubt that there ever was any agreement, or complicity between the two.

Still to this day, the media forces these ludicrous conspiracy theories and tries to force them as the truth. Sarah Sanders made a statement that really put them in their place.

“I think this further proves if there was anyone that was colluding with russians to influence the election, look no further than the Clinton’s, look no further than the DNC.” “This is hypocrisy at it’s highest level and it might be a new low in American politics.” “Everything that the Clinton campaign and the DNC were falsely accusing the President of doing over the past year they were actually doing themselves, it turns out that this is a major scandal for the Democrats.”

And just like that she hits the spot! To make things more ironic, the Democrats in trying to look into the foolish conspiracy theories against Trump, they found nothing but their own crimes!