WATCH-Rep. Al Green Argues That Blacks Had It Better During Slavery Than They Do Today

We have heard time and time again, liberals and Democrats talking about how bad black people still have it in America. But it is very rare, to hear a Democratic politician actually suggest that black people had it BETTER during slavery.

Rep. Al Green suggested just that during a conversation about employment rates among black people. “I’d also like to thank the people here who call themselves full employment defenders. Mr. Chairman, what do you consider full employment? I have the number 5.5 percent, but if you differ I’d like to hear your number please,” said Green to Federal Reserve chair Jerome Powell

“When was the last time African American unemployment was in the low fours or 3.5?” Green asked.


“I don’t think it ever has been in the years we’ve been measuring it,” Powell responded.

Green then complained that black people haven’t had full employment since slavery. “Quite frankly speaking, it hasn’t been since slavery. That’s the last time there was full employment for black people,” said Green. He went on to say that 6.8 percent is the lowest black employment rate he can find. It’s interesting that he would call slavery employment. Are you surprised he would say this? Check out the video below.