Watch: Mlk’s Niece Destroys The Liberal Media With A Strong Defense Of President Trump

When the “s***holes” remark leaked from Democrats in Thursdays meeting, the liberal media lost their freaking minds. They were so shocked to hear a person in power say a bad word (even thought they said NOTHING when Joe Biden said “f**k” on a hot mic).

However, now Martin Luther King Jr’s niece herself is coming out SWINGING against the liberal media after they have repeatedly called Trump a racist.

During an interview with Fox News, King said: “President Trump is not a racist and calling him a racist is outrageous and unjust. There are countries in Africa that are indeed Hellholes”

Watch below:

King said that Trump continuously honors the work of Martin Luther King Jr, and the claims against him are downright “ridiculous”.

She went on to talk about how certain countries in Africa ARE “hellholes”, and that the President wasn’t disparaging any immigrants when he made these remarks.