WATCH: Looking Back On 1 Year Of Presidency Of Donald Trump

The President’s son Eric Trump (the executive vice-president of Trump Organization) was a guest on Sunday morning’s futures with Maria Bartiromo, where he handled a couple of questions ranging from the state’s politics, to his father’s recent Asia trip and finally on him being a new father.

Maria wanted to know how Eric looks on the President’s actions during the past year, the year in which he took up a new role in his life and added another function in his very busy life.

It has been over a year since Trump was elected the 45th president of the USA. As we get ready to settle in for the Thanksgiving holiday it is good time to look back and reflect how much has changed and happened since November 8th, 2016, who better to do that than one of his sons

Eric listed all his father’s accomplishments-“It is Incredible how much has been done, what he has done for  the economy in terms of small businesses, deregulation; unemployment is at its lowest point; he added close to 6 trillion dollars to our nation’s economy; he’s rebuild our military, he’s taken care of our veterans-he has done an unbelievable job!”

The host wanted to know if Eric ever met with Robert Mueller since the left is continuing up its attacks.

“I haven’t and I’ve said this a million times, the Russia thing is a total sham, it is total nonsense, there is zero collusion with Russia, at the same time you look at uranium one, I mean-are people really naïve enough to believe that somebody gave Hilary Clinton, secretary of state at the time 145 million dollars for her foundation or for nothing? I mean-do people really believe that? It’s such a travesty that, that is not being investigated because there is something there and it smells and it looks horrible, ad personally I don’t believe that somebody would give 145 million dollars for nothing for Hilary Clinton to a government official at the time… -the fact that they won’t look into hard core facts, it’s really a travesty, unfair to this nation”-agitated Eric answered.

-Hilary says it’s an abuse of power for the president to be asking for a special counsel-administration after administration the Russians wanted to buy the uranium, every administration said, no, but under Hilary Clinton’s leadership she allowed it, what do you think about this?

“We are selling our best uranium to a country that is a massive nuclear power that is probably our greatest enemy at that regard, in terms of the nuclear scale. Who does that? Who comes up with that judgement that allows that to happen?

Do you think that there will be a special prosecutor on this looking at Hilary Clinton for this?

“As an American citizen I certainly hope there would be, but you don’t know, the scales of equilibrium aren’t necessary always even.”

Maria tackled the hard question next-The tax reform is there and it has to happen-what is your take on where tax reform stands?

“This country is literally dying for a tax reform, we’ve become uncompetitive, we’ve lost industry because of it, wages over so many years under Obama have been totally stagnant because of it-we have to have tax reform done.”

-So how do you sell a plan where as you are raising taxes for a portion of the people because you are eliminating this deduction as a way to pay for the corporate tax cut?

“Democrats’ talking points were always the same-you are only lowering taxes for the rich and it’s such garbage; in many cases the wealthy are going to pay much more, the middle class is going to pay much less, and by the way, that’s all small business, that’s how you grow this economy-you want the mases to pay less, you want them to be able to invest their money, where they want, in their companies, in capital expenditures, in higher wages for their employees, in hiring more employees.”

As far as the Asia trip, here is what Eric said about the trip and his father –“He’s done more to mend the relationships that has been done in the last three decades by any other previous administration; I think having three or four air-carriers parked right off the peninsula really shows the might of a nation and it also makes it very, very clear that we are not playing-people like my father are deadly serious about protecting this nation, in protecting the free world against lunacy, and they will see to it that all of us are very, very safe and I’m proud of that.”

Eric Trump has taken a new role in his life as well, becoming a new dad-“You are a new father. How’s baby Luke doing?-“Luke’s the best, totally changed my life in so many ways that I would never realize. Fatherhood is the greatest thing in the world!”