Watch: This Guy Just Listed 21 Of Trump’s Biggest Accomplishments In His First 10 Months!

Michael Knowles is famous for writing the hilarious book titled “Reasons To Vote For Democrats”.

The reason why that book is so funny is because it’s a BLANK book. That’s right. There’s nothing in it. (Further emphasizing that there are NO good reasons to vote for Democrats).

Anyways, on the 1-year anniversary of Trump’s epic victory, Knowles listed some of Trump’s most meaningful accomplishments as President, and it’s a MUST-SEE.

Here’s the list he laid out:

*Consumer confidence is highest in 17 years

*Over 500,000 jobs have been created

*Stock market has rallied immensely

*NO tariffs or trade wars

*Tax reform is about to pass

*Lifetime ban on foreign lobbying

*Trump repealed Obama mandate which forced states to fund planned parenthood

*Trump has appointed Neil Gorsuch to Supreme Court

*Appointed 12 other textualist judges to lower courts

*Added more ICE agents

*Signed executive order to defund sanctuary cities

*Illegal crossings have dropped by at least 70%

*Got trade concessions from China

*Handled the Syrian chemical attack with leadership

*Dropped MOAB on ISIS

*Approved Keystone & Dakota Access pipeline

*Pulled us out of Paris Climate Accord

*Massive EPA rollbacks have occured

*Ends Obama “clean power plan” which would have resulted in higher prices and fewer jobs

*Cracked the credibility of Democrats who prance around as “Journalists” (nearly 2/3 of Americans now distrust the liberal media)