WATCH-After Eric Holder Says Trump Should be Prosecuted, Mike Huckabee Gives Him Brutal Reality Check

In an interview with MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow on Wednesday, former US attorney general Eric Holder made some disparaging remarks toward President Trump’s intelligence, competence, and overall effectiveness.

He accused President Trump of “going after named career people,” and degrading the integrity of the Justice Department and the FBI. Holder believes that Trump’s actions will negatively impact the future for years to come…

Maddow asked Holder if he believes that he would make a better president, to which Holder responded:

“… I think there are a number of people who would be a better president than the president we now have … [Trump has] labeled people in very inappropriate ways, used inappropriate terms when talking about other countries, turning his back on our immigrant heritage.”

But Mike Huckabee, a loyal supporter of President Trump, wasted no time correcting Holder in the most brutal way:

“What [Trump] does not respect is when people at the highest levels abuse their badge, their guns and their power and they go after people for political views.”

He lays the final smackdown with the following,

“Some of the things that he said, I want to say Eric, ‘You sure are talking a lot. Why didn’t you go and talk to Congress? You didn’t. You ended up getting something very rare, a contempt of Congress citation because you wouldn’t talk.’ I just wish he had been as forthcoming with his comments when he was attorney general and was trying to be held accountable for his actions in that role.”

It is easy to see all of the holes in Holder’s statement, and if that weren’t embarrassing enough in and of itself, he just got served some humble pie. What a delicious comeback from former governor Mike Huckabee.