WATCH: Democrat Congressman Suggests Using Guns Against Trump

New York Democratic Congressman Thomas Suozzi blatantly suggested that someone ought to shoot President Trump with a gun if he keeps misbehaving. If a Republican had said anything even remotely similar, the media would be going wild and the FBI would be after him. But instead it’s hardly even made headlines.

One audience member suggests that President Trump is breaking our Constitution, and what can we do about it. Suozzi eventually answers that we ‘use the 2nd Amendment’ against him.

“I don’t know the answer to the question. You know, it’s really, it’s really a matter of putting public pressure on the President and making it public, which is hard to break through the news cycle with all the different things. And it’s probably about taking it to the courts as well,” said Suozzi.


“And then you know, this is where the Second Amendment comes in, quite frankly, because you know, what if the President was to ignore the courts? What would you do? What would we do?” said Suozzi.

“What’s the Second Amendment?” asked a confused audience member. “The Second Amendment is the right to bear arms. That’s why we have it,” said Suozzi. Yup, he suggested that we have the 2nd Amendment to kill our President. Don’t believe it? Watch the video for yourself below.