Theresa May Targets Britain’s Poorest With Her Shameful New Benefit Cap

Campaigners warn that tens of thousands of families face being made homeless and thrown into poverty because of the new benefits cap-a shameful Tory policy which shows the public should not be taken in by the Prime Minister -Theresa May’s bleeding heart. The go on stating that, just like her predecessor, she is a Prime Minister who deserves loud condemnation for punishing our poorest families… after voting to cut taxes for the country’s highest earners.


From tomorrow the total amount of benefits a household can receive will be cut from £26,000 to £23,000 in London and to £20,000 in the rest of the country.

Working people should earn more than those on benefits – and that is what currently happens, whatever Tories pretend. And if Tories want a bigger gap, the evident answer would be to increase wages rather than slash benefits. Finding no evidence of the benefit cap pushing people into work it’s punishing the innocent young who deserve a helping hand rather than being pushed on their backs by the Conservatives.

Charities have cautioned that  the new measures will leave 112,000 families accountable for 320,000 children up to £115 a week worse off. The decrease in the cap will also hit an estimated 42,000 single parents.

The Children’s Society fears that harsher rules could lead to more families being made homeless and forced to move away from their children’s friends and schools.

“There are already 3.9million children living in poverty across Britain and the new cap is likely to cause that total to rise. Children’s health, well-being and mental health could all be put at risk,” the Society says.


More than one in ten families affected by the cap are unable to work because of caring responsibilities or disability or long-term sickness.