Sarah Huckabee Just Slammed Rude Reporter for Spreading Lies During Press Briefing


White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders had to assert her authority to a rude reporter during the Friday press briefing.

The reporter started off asking about the rumors on H.R. McMaster’s ousting, to which Sarah replied that he is not going anywhere.

“…Again, our focus is not on a lot of the news stories that you guys would like us to be focused on but we are actually focused on what the American people want us to do…”

The reporter then asked about why Trump and his administration are concerned with the low level confirmations moving through Congress when so many of the top colleagues in the administration are leaving.

This is where Sarah has to school everyone in the room about the hypocrisy from the left. She leaves everyone with their jaws on the floor.

“The President shouldn’t be bound because Democrats in the Senate can’t do their job. If the President wants to be able to make a change because he feels like it’s the right thing for the American people his hands shouldn’t be tied because Democrats failed to do what they were elected to do. This President was elected to put forward policies and push those policies forward with a team that he selects, not the team that the Democrats think he should have. That’s not how the system works…”

Clearly Democrats are attempting to obstruct President Trump enough that he is not able to get anything done. Too bad, they obviously haven’t met this amazing man and seen all that he can accomplish, even in the face of blatant obstruction!

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