Reporters Angry About North Korea Talks Get a Dose of Karma from Sarah Huckabee Sanders-VIDEO


White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders held a press briefing today where she discussed the exciting news about the possibility of President Trump achieving something with North Korea that no other president has been able to – denuclearization.

Sarah and the rest of President Trump’s supporters know that we have the best negotiator we have ever had in the White House and we can trust him to do whatever it takes to keep our country safe from heartless dictators.

Some liberal reporters, however, were not so enthusiastic, and seem to have a problem with President Trump doing anything successfully.

All they did during the press briefing today was complain about Trump’s tactics. Sarah was not having it.

Jon Decker was particularly angry that Trump even agreed to meet with Kim Jong Un.

“He has starved his own people. He has murdered his own people. He is responsible for the death of Otto Warmbier. Why put him on the same stage as the President of the United States?”

This is a funny question because just a few weeks ago, the news organizations were excusing everything Kim Jong Un has ever done because it fit their narrative. Now Sarah calls them out on it brilliantly.

“I’m glad you guys are acknowledging a lot of the problems of North Korea because just a couple of weeks ago a lot of the members of the press were actually elevating North Korea and some of the members of the regime and comparing them to people in the United States and in this administration.  I think that is actually what put North Korea on a similar stage. No action by this administration has even remotely demonstrated a level of rise that the media did during the Olympics and some of those stories.”

HA! Finally, someone has the guts to call out these spineless media pundits that switch sides based on how they want to frame their narrative.