Rep. Gaetz Just Sent a Chilling Warning to Jeff Sessions-VIDEO


Civilian people at normal jobs lose their employment when they’re incompetent; government employees should be no different, and Representative Matt Gaetz agrees.

Gaetz along with 12 other House Republicans are calling to have a second special counsel brought in to investigate the surveillane abuses against the Trump campaign.

On “Outnumbered Overtime,” Gaetz indicated that a second prove is necessary to provide “real accountability for these crimes that were committed against President Trump and his team.”

He also stated that Republicans had called for a second special counsel seven months ago, but Jeff Sessions ignored their request, which prompted Gaetz to throw this slap heard around the world,

“If Jeff Sessions doesn’t want to do the job of attorney general, he should step aside and we should get somebody who wants to do that job.”

Gaetz was asked about President Trump’s recent tweet accusing the Obama administration of investigating his campaign “with zero proof of wrongdoing,” to which he answered that Trump has been proven right, closing with the resounding statement,

“The president has been vindicated.”

Gaetz is absolutely right; we’ve given enough chances for action. What do you think about the Democrats constant badgering? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section!