President Trump catches First Lady Melania as she stumbles- VIDEO



President Trump and First Lady Melania were headed to Marine One today before a trip to Manchester, New Hampshire.

In Manchester, President Trump outlined his latest strategy for combatting the opioid epidemic that is ravaging this country.

Of course, Melania was right by his side because this is something that is incredibly important for her to support as she has dealt with substance abuse issues with some of her relatives and she has seen the devastation that can be caused.


As they walked toward Marine One, Melania stumbled on uneven ground but was immediately caught and held tight by President Trump so she did not fall.

Melania reached out to him for support and the pair held onto each other as they finished walking to the helicopter. How incredible is this?

Liberals like to hate on President Trump and Melania’s marriage but when it comes down to the things that matter, they are obviously and incredibly strong and dedicated couple.