Paul Ryan Blocks Trump Border Wall – Will Only Allow 33 Miles Of Fence in $1.3 Trillion Record Spending Bill (Video)

Despite the critics from the opponents of the construction of the wall, who were saying that President Donald Trump’s proposed border wall would be fiscally irresponsible, a new study from Steven A. Camarota, the director of research at the Center for Immigration Studies has found that President Donald Trump’s proposed border wall only has to stop about nine to 12 percent of all illegal crossing in order to pay for itself over the next 10 years.

This is the reason why many American politicians started to support building the border wall!

But that’s not the case with career politicians that simply fail to see the real need for a wall on our southern border!

President Donald Trump is now threatening to shut down the government at midnight on Friday after Congress overwhelmingly rejected his proposal to include $25 billion in a $1.3 trillion spending bill.

Paul Ryan is pushing the second largest spending bill in US history but the Omnibus only allows $1.8 billion on the Trump Border Wall and border security.

In January President Trump asked for $25 billion for his border wall project.

Paul Ryan is blocking Trump’s border project while funding EVERY Democrat priority in his RECORD Spending bill.
It is almost as if they don’t want to win the majority again in 2018.

Although the bill hasn’t hit his desk yet, nor is it passed, the bill currently only includes $1.6 billion more for border security, far below what he was asking for.

Because of this, the legislation would only fund 33 miles of new “border fencing and levees, not a concrete wall.”

Yesterday, Fox & Friends, Trump’s favorite television program, reported that Trump said he “promised” to get his border wall built in order to help fight the opioid epidemic.


Our southern border has been wide open for far too long. Millions of individuals, including criminals, gang members, and terrorists, have entered the United States by simply passing over some bushes or a small wire fence.

Once they arrive here, they sell drugs and commit other crimes. Even non-criminal illegal immigrants cause problems by taking jobs and receiving welfare benefits.

Drain the swamp!

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