‘’Oops I Did It Again’’-Senator Maria Chappelle-Nadal This Time Links President Trump to Hitler!


Even though this elected official was nearly expelled from the Missouri Senate in September for her as she says first amendment right –to freely express her opinion, she made the mistake again. This senator who once entered the media with her outrageous post-‘’I hope President Trump is assassinated!’’-without any restraint posted on Thursday a meme-photograph of Trump taking his shirt off to reveal that he actually is the German dictator Hitler, outraged many on the social media platform.

Maria Chappelle-

She tried to rationale to the News-Leader in a social post that the meme has been shared among St. Louis protestors for almost a week as a stop sign for fighting brutality, nothing else. The image posted nearly two days ago raised more sparks than likes-are we to believe this Senator’s words again? It seems that everything she vows holds no truth whatsoever, even though she states that the post was addressed to the trauma among African Americans.