Mike Huckabee Just Exposed Mueller’s Worst Nightmare For All To See- VIDEO


On Thursday during an interview with Fox Business’ “Risk & Reward,” Mike Huckabee completely destroyed Mueller’s Russia investigation.

 “Well it’s pretty clear that they just don’t have anything substantively to go after the president on. This is really creating a problem for a lot of the people in the news media who have spent a year fishing in waters where there is no fish. It’s like trying to catch fish in the dead sea. It’s just not there. At least it doesn’t appear to be. Now I think the president’s got to be careful that he doesn’t take this at face value and go into what could be a trap.” 

At this point, the Russian witch-hunt is nothing more than a waste of tax-payer dollars. The Democrats make up stories to further obstruct President Trump’s plans for the country.

Huckabee goes on to discourage the President from sitting down for an interview with Mueller because there is no question that Democrats will do whatever it takes to sabotage him.

“If he goes in and has this interview with Mueller — because as we all know, the FBI and special prosecutors can ask you a simple question, you give an honest answer but if it doesn’t line up with an honest answer you gave before, in verbatim then they can say you lied. Ask Martha Stuart how that turns out.”
It’s time to end the witch hunt and prosecute the real criminals – like Hillary Clinton who has clear, provable ties to Russia. How has she escaped penalties this long?

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