Meghan McCain Slams James Comey To His Face “J. Edgar Hoover Would Be Rolling Over In His Grave”- VIDEO


James Comey went onto ‘The View’ to talk about his new book. He didn’t appear at all readied for Meghan McCain’s assaults against him. She assaulted him for his inability to be a target FBI pioneer and instructed him to his face that “J. Edgar Hoover would move over in his grave” in the event that he read Comey’s Book.

“It’s a mess more than the stories that are in the last couple of parts of the book. It’s about missteps I have made, things I’m particularly embarrassed about I did when I was more youthful. It’s a tale about bits of my life to attempt to recount a story,” reacted Comey. He went ahead to guarantee that the book has “no grouped data or delicate data,” and that “Hoover would likely say, ‘You took after the guidelines.’”

McCain wasn’t finished. “I need to accept you’re not a political individual. You’re the leader of the FBI, yet you write in your book how you went to President Obama, and you were nearly tears, saying you would miss him. You additionally said were fearing the following four years with Trump,” said McCain.

“You’re not guileless to the feedback you’ve gotten from Republicans and Democrats, and I believe it’s significant that David Axelrod, a major Democrat, a previous boss stratetgist to President Obama, said ‘I have no uncertainty about its splendor with regards to book deals. Possibly he ought to have called it Higher Royalties.’ What do you say to individuals like him and individuals like me that believe you’re doing this for cash and consideration?” asked McCain.

Look at the video beneath.