Laura Ingraham Crushes Ana Navarro For Calling Her A Racist – VIDEO


The liberal media attacked Laura Ingraham as a racist after she told Lebron James to ‘shut up and dribble.’ Since then, rapper Kanye West came out as a Trump supporter, and the liberal media has been essentially been telling him to ‘shut up and rap.’ Now CNN contributor Ana Navarro is calling Ingraham a racist for NOT telling Kanye West to shut up. But Ingraham had the perfect comeback.

“Fifteen years ago, I can’t hardly, I can hardly believe it, I wrote a book called Shut Up and Sing, which was, in part, a critique of the political activism of all of these high-paid celebrities like the Dixie Chicks, Barbra Streisand, Jackson Browne, the list went on and on,” said Ingraham.

“The upshot is we pay them to entertain, we don’t want to be captive to their political pondering. Someone who, for some ungodly reason, does get paid to pontificate on politics, her name is Ms. Ana Navarro, tweeted at me today the following, she said: “Has Ms. Ingraham told Kanye, to ‘shut up and sing’ yet, or does that only apply to anti-Trump black celebrities?”” explained Ingraham.

“I’ll make it clear to you, Ana, it applies to anyone peddling political nonsense while lacking the credentials or experience to do so, Ana. Well, I’m not about to cheer the political pronouncements of Kanye West just because he’s saying something nice about Trump. No.,” said Ingraham.

“The political musings of uninformed celebrities, frankly, isn’t of much interest to me at all. But I’ll tell you what is interesting to me, the over the top reaction to a big star saying something truly counter-cultural today. That’s a great interest to me. Watching the left attack him for daring to break ranks with them, even in the vaguest of terms, talking about love and loving people, that is truly revealing,” she said.