Just In: Ѕаrаh Ѕandеrs Ѕtepѕ Tо Pоdium Ends Chuck Schumer’s Carrer With 7 Words


Sarah Huckabee Sanders is here to defend President Donald Trump and his ideas. The new administration needed a person like her, and this time she focused her attention of Chuck Schumer.
Her daily briefing was supposed to be filled with the usual information, but liberal reporters were here to spoil the day. They attacked Sarah sanders, and she found the best way to silence them all.

Liberals have to admit that Sanders is doing her job properly, and we all know that only the honest will admit it.
The first questions Sarah received involved information about executive privilege, the White House lawyers and Steve Bannon. Lawyers claimed executive privilege and Steve Bannon agreed to remain silent about several topics.
It’s more than clear that Chuck Schumer pulls the strings behind the scenes. The mainstream media does exactly what he asks reporters to do. The radical agenda is not the thing to go with, and Chuck still hopes that Trump’s government will go down.

Schumer is ready to grind federal government at any price , and he is only doing that to gain more power.He

approves  DACA  and you can already read between the lines, right?
“I am not sure how it would the President wants a budget deal – the budget deal should not be tied to a political agenda the Democrats are pushing….What we would like to see happen is let’s strike a budget deal by Friday and come back to work and solve DACA and border security.

The number one priority is national security and fully funding our military and I would think the Democrats share this? We need Democrats to do their jobs,” Sarah said.

What do you think about this? Do you agree with Sarah Sanders?