International Sexism Uproar Because Of Tiffany and Ivanka Trump Short Skirts (PHOTOS)

President Donald Trump’s only daughters, Ivanka and Tiffany and their bare legs have caused an international uproar this month because in 2017 women’s hemlines still make headlines across the globe.

After the president’s youngest daughter attended a White House turkey pardoning event without wearing tights or pants, the  Daily Mail wrote- “Forget something? Tiffany Trump puts her bare legs on full display in a very short coat and heels, as she joins her sister Ivanka to watch their dad pardon the National Thanksgiving Turkey”.


Ladies in red: Tiffany Trump joined her sister Ivanka and her niece Arabella at the White House’s National Thanksgiving Turkey Presentation on Tuesday .


Auntie: The 24 year old law student caught up with Ivanka’s children Arabella and Joseph.






Hollywood Life on the other hand offered Tiffany Trump fashion and beauty advice in its critique of the first daughter’s choices. “Even though it was chilly coat weather in Washington D.C., First Daughter Tiffany Trump, 24, decided to turn heads by baring her long legs in a super short mini-dress and equally short red jacket. While her older sister Ivanka, 36, also wore a short skirt, she added warm black tights to her autumnal look. Tiffany on the other hand went with much more summery bare legs, showing them off from her thigh all the way down to her black high heels. It is November, so her very unseasonal wardrobe choice was a little confusing. She could definitely have used a trip to a spray tan salon if she was going to show so much late-autumn pale leg,”


Chic or inappropriate?” wrote the Bay Area News Group, when Ivanka Trump inspired a similar fuss earlier this month while touring Japan ahead of her father’s 11-day tour of Asia. “Ivanka Trump dressed in bright pink miniskirt for Japan speech. “The Japanese have been huge fans of Ivanka Trump‘s style, but the miniskirt she wore to a women’s conference in Tokyo may have changed that. Wearing a $1,960, bubble-gum pink Miu Miu crepe jacket with a matching miniskirt, Ivanka, 36, took the podium at the World Assembly for Women on Friday. After being introduced by Prime Minister Shinzo Abe, who is reputed to have established a “bromance” with President Trump over their united front against North Korea, Ivanka spoke on workplace harassment and economic empowerment for women. But the public questioned her hemline.”

So? Professional women have long debated whether such thinking is sexist; whether a woman’s appearance should be subject to scrutiny. Some argue that a professional setting demands traditional clothing.

Miriam “Duchess” Harris, chair of the American Studies Department at Macalester College in Minnesota in a post titled, “This is what a feminist professor looks like, wrote-“My insistence on professional dress (i.e., skirts, heels and ironed shirts) is not a subscription to patriarchy; I want to be recognized and respected,”.

Others contend that such thinking weighs in keeping women out of positions of power.

“Unless women dress modestly and conservatively, they look out of place in academia, because fundamentally, they don’t have the right bodies to be academic authorities. This infuriates me, and I refuse to accept it. My intellectual abilities as an academic should be judged on my work: my research, my publications, and my lectures,” wrote Francesca Stavrakopoulou, professor of Hebrew Bible and ancient religion at the University of Exeter.

We think that Ivanka and Tiffany Trump looked smart and relaxed at a time when their father’s associates are under investigation for potentially colluding with Russia in the 2016 election. Their composure deserves praise and it is an impressive enough achievement without having to worry about the length of the skirts or how pale their legs are.