Florida AG Drops Stunner on Sheriff: ‘I Know a Lot More’ on Shooting and Some ‘Weren’t Honest’


On Monday morning, Florida Attorney General Pam Bondi appeared on “Fox & Friends” and unloaded on Sheriff Scott Israel’s handling of the tragic mass shooting. Israel recently spoke with CNN’s Jake Tapper and claimed he provided “amazing leadership.”

When Bondi was asked whether she thought he had given “amazing leadership,” she responded, “No, of course not. Gov. Scott has called not for him to resign but for a full investigation into the matter, and I firmly believe that needs to be accomplished.”

She explained that she knows “a lot more than you all do now.”

“Let me put it this way, when you have a school full of students and your duty is to protect those students, if I was there and I didn’t have a firearm, I would have gone into that scene. That’s what you do. That’s what the coach did, who is a true hero. Your job is to protect those students. That’s what you sign up for.”

When asked about the one officer not going into the school and reports of three other officers being on the scene and not going in, either, Bondi said, “I can tell you I believe some folks in that department weren’t honest with me, nor were they honest with the governor. There’s going to be a full investigation into what really went on. Right now, what I’m focused on is working with these students and going forward.”

Bondi concluded when asked about why they would lie, “Well, if they were there and didn’t want people to know they were there, that could have been it.”