After Democrats Insult Trump’s Military Tribute, Jim Mattis Unleashes HELL

It is no secret that President Trump is and always has been an avid supporter of our U.S. military, and as a result it is only natural that he wish to honor them with a parade very similar to the one he witnessed firsthand in France recently.

As we’ve come to expect, his naysayers came out in full blast with accusations of grandstanding on the taxpayer’s dime, and not being mindful of other areas in need of stronger sponsorship. It is as though being patriotic and loving those that protect us and ensure our freedom were an act of treason, when in fact it is the very opposite.

Defense Secretary Jim Mattis was having none of this and ultimately silenced the opposition with his following statement:

“I think we’re all aware in this country of the president’s affection and respect for the military. We’ve been putting together some options [and] we’ll send them up to the White House for a decision.”

It doesn’t take an unattainable level of intelligence to comprehend that this level of admiration was unparalleled by our previous commander in chief.

Mattis followed up with the perfect response to liberal critiques:

“The President’s respect, his fondness for the military I think is reflected in him asking for these options.”

In addition to exhibiting respect for our men and women dawning the hero’s uniform, a parade would likely unite American citizens for a cause of celebration in the midst of divisive times, and assist military recruitment in their endeavors to continue to strengthen our defense.

This begs the question of what exactly Democrats are against; is it Patriotism or the American people?