De Niro TRASHES Roseanne & YELLS ‘Trump Voters Insane,’ Gets NASTY Payback

Robert De Niro takes part in the We Stand United Rally on on January 19, 2017, in New York City - ShutterStock JStone


“I’ve never seen her show before, I didn’t know she was supporting [Donald] Trump, but I have no interest in that,” De Niro told Indiewire. “We’re at a point with all of us this where it’s beyond trying to see another person’s point of view. There are ways you can talk about that, but we’re at a point where the things that are happening in our country are so bad and it comes from Trump.”

The Daily Caller reports, “This isn’t the first time De Niro has taken an interest in President Donald Trump and his supporters. De Niro called Trump ‘blatantly stupid’ in a video for the 2016 election and referred to him as a ‘punk,’ ‘dog,’ ‘pig’ and ‘bulls*it artist,’ who he’d like to ‘punch in the face.’”

Not to mention, at the National Board of Review’s gala in January, De Niro declared, “This f*cking idiot is our president.” He’s a real class act. But, he had more to say about Trump voters watching Roseanne. “I don’t care about Roseanne. They want that thing, fine. We have real issues in this country,” said the leftist actor.


Other Americans weighed in, giving De Niro some nasty payback for his rude remarks. Tommy Foust tweeted,

We couldn’t agree more with the fed-up Americans who are tired of the Hollywood crowd and their ignorant rants about guns when they know nothing about the Second Amendment. As Robert Chacon tweeted,

One Twitter user was so angered by the aging actor’s comments that they blasted De Niro with profanity, and while we don’t like potty mouths, this American did have a good point; namely, that De Niro hates America and he espouses Communism.

We are waiting for Roseanne to weigh in. That should be pretty interesting, but in the meantime, we see exactly why Hollywood is frantic over her ratings. President Trump’s support is something the elites never could understand or gauge. The president’s approval rating is at 51%, something that baffles the leftists.