Charles Krauthammer: Recovery from surgery ‘progressing steadily slower than I would like, but steadily’- VIDEO

Fox News anchor Charles Krauthammer disappeared from Fox News months ago because of some serious health concerns. Now he is delivering a message of how he is doing. It is pretty surprising.

“I’ve updated you several times about the health and status of our colleague Charles Krauthammer. a number of times on this show before, but of the questions I get on email and Twitter, and Facebook, ‘how’s Charles?’ tops the list, by far,” explained Fox’s Bret Baier.

“Charles has, as I’ve said, been recovering from complications after a surgery,” he continued. “For several months now, I check in with Charles more than I tell you, a lot. But today in my communication, he had a message, he wanted me to share with you, the viewers of ‘Special Report,’” said Baier.

“Things are progressing steadily — slower than I would like, but steadily. Still. I wish I could give you — and myself — a better idea of when this marathon ends,” said Krauthammer in a statement.

“I’m sure it is strange for your viewers that a regular panelist should disappear for months without warning and without any real explanation,” he continued. “After my surgery, there were serious complications that took several months to stabilize. My improvement medically has finally allowed me to concentrate on intensive rehabilitation to recover my strength and stamina. This too is progressing well, but as usual, is intense and slow. Nonetheless, I am determined to make it back. I’ve got to — I can’t let you guys have all the fun,” said Baier.