Caught Lying-Senator Elizabeth Warren Busted After Claiming She Was Sexually Harassed

After previously being caught in a lie about her Native American heritage, Senator Elizabeth Warren seems to be unable to abstain from lying-she greatly exaggerated her years in Harvard and being sexually harassed.
You can read the transcript between Senator’s Elizabeth Warren and Chick Todd’s exchange where full description of the incident is given on ‘Meet the Pres’

Yes, I have a “me, too” story too. I was a baby law professor and so excited to have my first real teaching job. And there was this senior faculty member who, you know, would tell dirty jokes and make comments about my appearance.
And one day he asked me if I would stop by his office, which I didn’t think much about. And I did. And he slammed the door and lunged for me. It was like a bad cartoon. He’s chasing me around the desk, trying to get his hands on me.

And I kept saying, “You don’t want to do this. You don’t want to do this. I have little children at home. Please don’t do this.” And trying to talk calmly. And at the same time, what was flickering through my brain is, “If he gets hold of me, I’m going to punch him right in the face.”


After several rounds, I jumped for the door and got out. And I went back to my office and I just sat and shook. And thought, “What had I done to bring this on?” And I told my best friend about it. Never said a word to anyone else. But for a long time, I wore a lot of brown.

What it means now that so many people have spoken out, is it’s a way to say, “We’re here for each other.” And it’s also a way to say, “No. It’s not about what you did. He’s the one who stepped out of line. And this is on him.”
The Boston Herald noticed that Warren turned a “light-hearted” version of the story into a traumatic experience to capitalize of the #MeToo hashtag. The hashtag stands a s a symbol for Harvey Weinstein’s sexual abuse allegations, it is aimed at raising awareness of the horrid behavior.

The Boston globe reported -“During the service after the professor’s death in 1997, Warren spoke fondly of law professor Eugene Smith and told the gathered mourners she was laughing as Smith chased her around his desk, according to a colleague’s memoir,”. They also reported that Warren told the broadsheet yesterday she shared the story at the memorial service as a statement about Smith’s authority.“It was 20 years later, and he didn’t have power over me any more,” Warren told the newspaper”.

Senator Elizabeth Warren lied for years about being native American to receive a promotion. She was listed as the Harvard Law’s “first woman of color” in 1997 law review piece on diversity and affirmative action!
And in 2012 Elizabeth Warren admitted she told Harvard Law she was Native American. Warren deliberately lied to get her job at Harvard.

And, thanks to Donald Trump, she was revealed as a fraud this year.