AMEN! Ben Carson Said The ONE Thing That Will Unite All Americans (Video)

Ben Carson is an amazing person, and he won everyone’s heart with his speech in Phoenix. You see, Carson is the person you should listen to once in a while. He speaks in the name of every decent American, and let’s be honest, he is one of the very few people who recognize the true potential of President Donald Trump.

The terrible events in Charlottesville fueled the fire, and liberals became even worse. They’ve been attacking the President on a daily basis. The worst thing came at the very same moment they called the President a racist. What kind of a person do you have to be to do something like this? It’s unbelievable and disturbing!
Liberals keep sharing fake information, and edit the President’s words. Will someone stop the noncence once and for all?

Ben Carson can read their mind, and he can definitely read between the lines. We can already guess their point. Liberals are still bitter, and they keep converting their failure into pure hate. Carson warned Americans about this, and you better listen to what he just said.

“The purveyors of hatred and division, they want to divide us on the basis of race, income, age and religion. But you know what? We are much too smart to fall for that garbage!” Carson said.
Go Carson!

“We the people of America will choose to fill our brains with knowledge over ignorance, our hearts with love instead of hatred, our tongues with words of respect instead of slander. Our hands will not be filled with steel and stone, but proudly holding our star spangled banner. Under which so many have sacrificed, under which we now gather in freedom, under which God willing our children shall live together in freedom!” the neurosurgeon added.
What do you think about this? Do you agree with Carson?