After Reporter Criticizes Trump’s Negotiating, Sarah Huckabee Does Something No One Expected


White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders held a press briefing today just after President Trump had concluded his meeting and press briefing with South Korean President Moon Jae-in.

The two world leaders were meeting to discuss the upcoming historic summit involving North Korean dictator Kim Jong un set to take place in June of this summer.

Sarah started off the press briefing by detailing the meeting between the two presidents as well as extending a note of congratulations from Melania and President Trump to Bob Barker, a WWII veteran who has just recently been awarded his Associate’s Degree.

The questions from reporters were mostly regarding the upcoming summit with North Korea, which Sarah assured them that they would be given details as soon as the White House had them.

One reporter detailed criticism leveled at Trump earlier today for his deals with Chinese company ZTE “saying that he is bowing to pressure from Beijing.”

“Senator Schumer, I believe, called it a “wet noodle solution.” What is the White House’s response to that.”

Sarah’s answer was straight to the point.

“The U.S. and China relationship has a number of issues that we are constantly having conversations about and ZTE is one of those and this is something that the president has asked commerce to look into and he has outlined some possible actions against ZTE by commerce but at this point they are still in discussion and there is nothing else to add beyond what the president already said this morning.”

What she said next was brilliant.

“Like I’ve said a few times before, Senator Schumer is not somebody that this White House is probably ever going to take advice from on how to negotiate or get a good deal on anything, particularly based on his track record; and certainly I think his weakness when it comes to China.”

No one expected Sarah to say these words and call Chuck Schumer out for his past actions against President Trump.

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